The Game In Detail

Battle World is a globally appealing mid-core battle royale for the masses. The players are dropped into maps modeled after famous global locations and towns, where they have to loot and fight against others to be the last one standing.

What makes the game fun?

Battle World has a very dynamic core gameplay loop, where the player lands on the same map, searches for guns and fight others, and moves to the safe zone but their experiences are different every single time. The game provides endless replay value because each match is different from the last. The game also strengthens its core gameplay loop with easy-to-pick-up shooting mechanics, with a variety of weapons, the thrill of surviving till the last combined with lovable and relatable characters.

Drop Zone Selection

Players start out in the Zone selection screen where they get to choose their drop locations. Players will be able to select one of nine zones in the classic map of Battle World that is displayed on the left. The spawn locations in each zone are predefined. Once all the players have joined and the lobby capacity of 16 players has been met, the game will start after a short 5-second countdown.

Early game

The game starts with the player being deployed in the selected zone. The spawn points in each zone are predefined; the game starts when the lobby capacity is met after a 5-second countdown. (the game starts at the same time for everyone). The players will start off with a pistol that can be found in their primary weapon slot with unlimited ammo capacity. The reason behind starting with a pistol is that if used efficiently it offers the player a fighting chance against others in scenarios where their secondary gun is out of ammo or that they have to defend themselves at the start of the game where they couldn’t yet find a secondary gun. The pistol cannot be swapped out for another gun.


Weapon systems and Looting

Players will have to pick up weapons that are scattered across the map. The players will be able to pick up weapons by standing over them. Players can freely switch between weapons simply by clicking on the respective weapon slots. The pistol cannot be swapped out for another weapon, this is done because we do not have a melee option in the game yet and we want the pistol to be an option for players to fight back in case they run out of ammo or can't find a gun.


Safe zone and storm

Players will get notified about the enclosing storm and will be prompted to head to the safe zone. Safe zones are circular safe zones that randomly spawn in different locations of the map after set intervals, players are forced to move to the safe zones or run the risk of being damaged or killed by the storm. Once a safe zone is announced, the storm will slowly move towards the safe zone, damaging everyone inside it. Once the storm reaches the safe zone, a new and smaller safe zone is announced and players once again have to travel to it. The safe zones keep getting smaller and smaller, forcing players into a tight battle zone. The player will be represented by a white circle in their minimap, if the player is outside the safe zone, their circular icon will be accompanied by a white arrow that directs the player to the safe zone. Each game has 4 safe zones and 5 closing storms, the 5th, and final storm will close in and cover the whole map, damaging all the players inside and the last surviving player wins. The safe zones are always randomly decided by the system in order to keep the core gameplay dynamic and ever-changing, players will have to adapt and overcome the new safe zone in order to survive.


Health and shield system

Players will have 100 health and 100 shield points, a combined 200 hitpoints. when this number reaches 0, the player will die. These points can be reduced by being damaged by a weapon (number depending on the type of weapon) and from being damaged by the storm. Health and shield can be topped by using health and shield kits respectively, standing over them the same way the player picks up a weapon will activate them. Once complete, the player will instantly recover 100 points depending on the activated kit.


Battle World BUILT


battle royale


cocos creator html5

no. of players


game orientation:


network type




game camera: 2d , top-down, third person


Gun Systems


Assault rifle

Suited for medium and long-range battles.



Trusty old pistol, decent range, and decent damage make it the perfect weapon to start off with.


Submission gun

Rapid-firing gun suited for short and medium ranged battles


Grenade launcher

Grants players the tactical advantage of tossing grenades over walls and other obstacles, damaging a small area upon impact.



Deadliest weapon only suited for close combat battles.


Bow and Arrow

Go old school and rock the bow and arrow, hard to use but lethal.



Bolt action sniper offers devastating damage from range, this gun does the most damage and has the highest range among all other weapons.


Rocket launcher

The highest damaging weapon that shoots single projects



A deadly short weapon that burns targets to a crisp.


Mini/Gatling gun

Suited for close and medium-range combat, unleash a barrage of bullets in the blink of an eye.


Core Gameplay Loop


Mechanics, Controls, and Interactions


Player Stats

Health points - 100

Shield points - 100

Combined hit points - 200

Walk speed - 150 (player walks when firing weapons)


The game will be played with the left and right virtual joysticks.

Left joystick - used to move the legend around

Right joystick - used to aim and shoot, keep aiming to shoot automatically.


Gameplay Ingredients

Emotes, Punch dialogues and Taunts

The player will be able to express themselves in the form of a taunt or a punch dialogue. Punch dialogues are dialogues that people often use in their daily lives and famous one-liners from movies that are apt to exchange amidst a game. While taunts are funny actions performed by in-game characters such as a backflip or a famous dance move. Both punch dialogues and taunts offer a new level of emotes to the game.


Scoring & Reward System

Earning $BWO

  • 1. In game activities - Trade Heroes and Weapons
  • 2. Events - Meta Tournaments
  • 3. Battles - Completing in-game quests
    • Winning 3 streaks in a row
    • Getting 10 kills in a game
  • 4. Season and battle pass rewards
  • 5. Top leaderboard on monthly basis
  • 6. Heroes and Weapons rental
  • 7. Levelling up
  • 8. LP Staking

Spending $BWO

  • 1. Purchase Hero Box (Gacha)
  • 2. Create Weapons and train Heroes
  • 3. Battle pass purchase for season league
  • 4. Purchase NFT on Marketplace
  • 5. Upgrade Weapons and Heroes

Usage Flow

  • 1. Use free Heroes to battle with others to earn (it takes time)
  • 2. Buying Elite Heroes will help earning more $BWO compared to Free Heroes
  • 3. Heroes’ rental - Players can lease their Heroes other players at a predetermined price
  • 4. Weapon rental - Players can hire the weapon creation factory to upgrade and lease it back for revenue
  • 5. Players can design NFT Heroes and Weapons and sell them on the NFT marketplace
  • 6. Using Battle pass to receive premium items, premium quests, and missions to receive more rewards
  • 7. Stake the $BWO
  • 8. Earn rewards from Gacha
  • 9. Tournament and special events
  • 10. Ranking rewards

Game Progression/ Tuning

Unit of measure - milliseconds

Lobby tuning

Number of players required to start - 16 by default, with a minimum of 8 (configurable variables) Game countdown duration – 5000

Game difficulty/storm mechanic

  • Is the Storm active - Yes
  • Storm closing amount - 4000
  • The interval between storms - 8000
  • Storm closing speed - 0.2
  • Storm damage interval - 1000
  • Storm Damage - 10 damage


Screen Mockups/ Wireframes

Left top(in descending order)

Minimap - used to see the current location of the player and to guide the player to the next safe zone Ping counter - situated below the minimap, to show the ping of the current session Kill feed - informs the players about those being killed in their session, the gun used to kill the person is also displayed as an icon

Right top(from left to right)

Blue player icon - The number of players alive in the session Grey skull icon - Number of players killed Settings button

Center bottom

Primary Weapon slot (left box) - indicated with a pistol icon inside it Secondary Weapon slot ( right box) - Is empty when the player starts the game and keeps changing depending on the secondary weapon being stored.Light Blue bar - Shows the number of shield points available Health points - Shows the number of health points available Taunt icon (rightmost white icon) - used to select either a punch dialogue or a taunt.


Art style

The world of Battle World is very cartoonish and global-themed, the character designs are very cute and visually appealing to gamers of all ages. Also, because it’s a third-person shooter, the player can always see their own character’s design, relating and falling in love with them. The game is visually portrayed as fun, colorful and cartoonish while not being serious, meaning there’s a complete lack of gore and blood, essentially allowing even kids to love and play it. Additionally, being easy on the eyes and minds of the players avoids fatigue and allows extended periods of gaming.

Playable in-game characters

Taking real-life inspirations from all around the world and converting them into cute, lovable, and relatable characters.